Our geekiest gifts this holiday season
December 27th, 2011
04:30 PM ET

Our geekiest gifts this holiday season

'Tis the season for geeky gifts, and there are certainly plenty of them out there. It's been a happy holiday for your friendly neighborhood CNN Geek Out staff, and we'd like to share with you some of our favorite things received this year.

Nikki Rau-Baker:

This Christmas was another good one for me as I received some fairly geeky gifts.

A must for anyone gearing up for the upcoming big-screen version of The Hobbit: "The History of The Hobbit" by John D. Rateliff, covers the beginnings of The Hobbit with such tidbits of information as the original names of the dwarves and the shocking revelation that the leader was initially called Gandalf.

The Chillbots ice cube tray makes me happy as I listen to the tinkling of the robots in my glass.They’re a party hit!

As I prepare my glass of blue milk to go with dinner nothing says “I might kill you over dessert” like lighting candles in my lightsaber candlestick holders. The weight of these really could knock someone out if you decide to get into a dual after your meal, but I won’t endorse that sort of vicious behavior.

Happy Hobbit Day!
September 22nd, 2011
12:54 PM ET

Happy Hobbit Day!

Will you indulge old Gaffer’s Home Brew?

While it isn’t Bilbo’s 111th birthday, it is a special day for fans of Tolkien as Frodo and Bilbo are said to both have been born today, by Shire Reckoning of course.

Add to that the fact that "The Hobbit" was first published this week in 1937 and you’ve got the makings for a party of special magnificence! Tolkien fan groups have parties planned at which books are discussed and movies are watched. Cookies, honey cakes and even Lembas (Elven waybread) are among some of the Middle-earth themed snacks that can be found at these gatherings.

"Lord of the Rings" cosplayers and casual fans alike can indulge their “inner Hobbit” by going barefoot to celebrate.

“Hobbit Day” has been observed for over 30 years and with the films in production, the event will only surely grow as the upcoming "Hobbit" films near completion.

Do you have any plans to celebrate?

TORn is the fan's gateway to Middle-earth
TORn's table at Dragon*Con.
September 9th, 2011
03:00 PM ET

TORn is the fan's gateway to Middle-earth

The three panels on “The Hobbit” at Dragon*Con, all presented by The One Ring.net, were a fan force to be reckoned with. And that’s not surprising, considering how TORn is the dominant entity that has united Tolkien fans.

It was standing room only over Labor Day weekend at Dragon*Con as we filed in to learn more about the films and it's tumultuous journey from page to screen.

Since last year’s announcement of a greenlight for “The Hobbit” one place people have been flocking to for information is TORn. TORn is the premiere Tolkien related website. It was founded in 1999 and has been on the leading edge of LoTR film information since the first casting rumors were heard. Initially TORn was a fringe website in the world of Tolkien and Peter Jackson, but has grown so much in influence and reputation in the last decade that when the studio photo of Thorin - a major dwarf character in “The Hobbit” - was released, it was sent to TORn first. FULL POST

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