Homage to ‘The Venture Bros.’ gets appropriately warped
August 30th, 2011
10:18 PM ET

Homage to ‘The Venture Bros.’ gets appropriately warped

In the realm of cosplay, few American cartoons enjoy the level of success that The Venture Bros. does.

“The Venture Bros. has a strong cult following. It's a real geeky cartoon with a lot of comic book and sci-fi references,” saidMarc Ilagan, founder of VentureBrosBlog.org.

"Other TV shows like 'Family Guy' are just not as popular among cosplayers," he said.

'"It's nothing against the show, it's just difficult to pull off a character in plain clothing versus an actual fantasy costume. At Dragon*Con, I've seen costumes from shows like 'Metalocalypse', 'Superjail' and 'Harvey Birdman' but not as many as the Venture Brothers. I think the Venture Bros. remains a popular show to cosplay because the characters are fun and costumes relatively easy to make."

Dragon*Con, an annual sci-fi fantasy convention in Atlanta, Georgia, is is like a giant costume party, Ilagan said, and "Venture Bros." fans take pride in showing off their costume making skills there. FULL POST

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