Paranormal investigators: Halloween is a blip on the radar
Kris Williams, co-leader of SyFy's "Ghost Hunters International," warns that not every anomaly in a location is paranormal.
October 31st, 2011
12:46 PM ET

Paranormal investigators: Halloween is a blip on the radar

Each year as the end of October creeps near, Dianna Avena notices more crowds of curious people venturing out at night, hoping for a brush with the supernatural on one of her tours.

But the ghosts her Roswell Ghost Tour groups may encounter don't only appear in October and Halloween is just another day for paranormal investigators.

Sure, if they run a ghost tour on October 31st they may get more shrieks and screams from a scare-ready audience, but for them it’s just life. A life filled with trying to explain the unexplainable.

While no ghostly encounters are ever guaranteed, just walking through an old cemetery at night as wind rattles through the trees can be a spine-tingling experience.

As Avena and her other guides tell the haunting history of Roswell and stop by Antebellum plantations, mill homes and abandoned houses, sometimes spectators will feel a spectral chill. The blend of tragic history and ghost stories creates an atmosphere of expectation on the two-hour tour.

Avena, paranormal investigator and owner of Roswell Ghost Tour in Roswell, Georgia, says that while her interest in the paranormal is year round, she understands that many people only think to go on her ghost tour in October, around Halloween.

While paranormal enthusiasts agree that Halloween is one of their favorite holidays, the theatricality of costumes, ghouls and vampires is worlds apart from the realities of their job.

“We do like [haunted houses] but we feel that we are doing two completely separate things. We feel that way about other ghost tours as well. A lot of people prefer to have the 'street theater' tours where people are in costume and they’re speaking in Savannah accents and it’s more story telling – we feel those tours are completely different from the way our tour operates,” says Avena.

Paranormal investigators understand Halloween is a part of their jobs and use it to educate about their passion. FULL POST

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