Fans swarm 'Walking Dead' finale party in Atlanta
"Walking Dead" actor IronE Singleton (right) hangs out with a surprised zombie at the Diesel Filling Station finale party.
March 20th, 2012
06:34 PM ET

Fans swarm 'Walking Dead' finale party in Atlanta

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As the home of "The Walking Dead," Atlanta, Georgia, has no shortage of zombie love. If that wasn't already apparent, the "Walking Dead" season finale party cleared up any confusion. While there were multiple fan viewing parties across the city, it was the Diesel Filling Station, a local restaurant, that hit capacity one hour before the finale started.

This wasn't just your typical viewing party either. About 200 fans entered into a quarantine zone, and in efforts to reserve generator power, only the ATM and televisions were operational. No lights, no air conditioner, and a limited menu consisting of items that could be scavenged from an outside grill while keeping everyone safe inside. Survivors were also asked to bring in canned food items to donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

With good karma being shared among all, the fan camaraderie was in full swing when IronE Singleton, who plays T-Dog on the series, arrived. Fans rushed to get their picture taken with him and show their support and love for his character.


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