Zombie 101
September 4th, 2011
07:29 AM ET

So you wanna be a zombie

Suzanne Johnson, an IT consultant from Atlanta, decided she wanted to be a zombie.  Not an actual zombie, of course.  She showed no signs of wanting to consume the living, or that she considered brains a delicacy.  No, the fan of AMC's "Walking Dead," simply wanted to dress up as a zombie, and she wanted her costume to look good.

The idea sprouted while talking with coworkers and fellow fans of the show about what to wear while going to Dragon*Con.  One of her coworkers then suggested going to the Zombie Prom, an undead themed party held Friday night of the convention.

She purchased a wedding gown as the base of her costume stating, "It's okay to be a zombie prom queen, but a zombie bride trumps a zombie prom queen." FULL POST

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When it comes to USB drives, is it fun over function?
Hello Kitty, Batman and Han Solo (with carbonite carrying case) are some of the USB drives MImoco has available.
August 29th, 2011
05:54 PM ET

When it comes to USB drives, is it fun over function?

When you are passionate about a franchise like “Star Wars” or “Batman” you can find ways to show your fandom in every part of your life: clothes, coffee cups, mouse pads, etc.

Mimoco has tapped into that with their line of Mimobot USB drives – available in several styles to meet many differing fandoms. Mimoco's drives are some of the coolest out there, and they just released a new series licensed from Lucasfilm and DC Comics at San Diego Comic-Con.

As the price of flash drives have plummeted, vanity and promotional versions have flourished.  In 2007 Mimoco sent CNN.com one of their original, limited edition drives featuring Han Solo.  I remember thinking how cool it was, but that it was way too expensive – priced at $70 for the 1gb version.  The current line run about $30 for the 4 Gb version – which is far more approachable for your average consumer. FULL POST

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