StarCraft II's biggest champ on what makes Korea a pro-gamer's paradise
Sweet victory: IMNesTeea celebrates his Global StarCraft II League win in May.
October 6th, 2011
02:21 PM ET

StarCraft II's biggest champ on what makes Korea a pro-gamer's paradise

Life is good these days for Lim Jae-duck, the professional video game player known by the handle IMNesTea (pronounced I. M. NesTea).

In a few weeks, Lim makes his overseas debut at BlizzCon 2011, the biggest convention hosted by a video game developer - Blizzard Entertainment, in this case - in Anaheim, California.

That’s after becoming the first triple-crown winner at Global StarCraft II League (GSL) tournaments, and the only champ to never drop a set at that.

“I’ve really wanted to go to BlizzCon,” he said in an interview at an apartment in Oryu-dong, western Seoul, that serves as lodgings and practice space for his junior team members.

“I’ve been invited overseas multiple times, but I never could go... This time, I’m really excited and looking forward to it, especially because it’ll be the first time I’ve gone abroad.”

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Why Japanese women say they like dating otakus
September 20th, 2011
05:19 PM ET

Why Japanese women say they like dating otakus

Recent surveys in Japan have suggested that not only are our youngsters not interested in sex, but that Japanese women are mystifying men just as much as the men's behavior stupefies the women.

Now a survey from Sugoren, translated by Japan Style, is sticking up for the otaku generation and has collated reasons why the male nerds of Japan are the best boyfriends in town.

The female readers of the site came up with these beauties: FULL POST

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Taipei's underground gamer and geek heaven
Within a labyrinth of subterranean stores, Taiwanese otaku find a home.
September 16th, 2011
04:45 PM ET

Taipei's underground gamer and geek heaven

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Surrounding Taipei Main Station is a maze of underground markets with stores selling a menagerie of cheap merchandise, from traditional Chinese clothing to fake cosmetics. But a little exploring reveals more than just the standard goods.

Welcome to Taiwan's underground geek culture paradise.

The shops are largely frequented by the growing population of immigrants coming from the Philippines, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries who are finding jobs as maids, construction workers and waiters or waitresses across the country.

A nearby Catholic church attracts hundreds of Filipino immigrants who travel on Sundays to the station, which, in addition to subway access, has bus and train services.

However, hidden amid the small stalls selling low-cost imports from the region is a strip of stores that has become infamous among a growing subculture of Taiwanese students and young adults obsessed with action figures, dolls, comic books, animations and video games, particularly from Japan. FULL POST

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