Broadway geeks out behind the scenes
Times Square looks infinitely deeper when viewed through geek glasses.
June 7th, 2012
04:44 PM ET

Broadway geeks out behind the scenes

Broadway performers appear in approximately 416 shows per year – often while singing and dancing simultaneously. Repeatedly. For over two hours. No director yells “Cut!” if someone misses an entrance or an actor flubs a line. No editing occurs if the pace is too slow or continuity is interrupted.

What you’re actually witnessing when you’re watching a Broadway show are people who possess the passion many of us geeks are known for.

Broadway is a specialized niche of geekery. In addition to identifying as “theater geeks,” many of those involved in Broadway are also “geeks” in other ways - technologically, humor-wise and through self-identification as oddballs and underdogs.

Some say the Tony Awards, which are being held this weekend, are not so different from the celebration of San Diego Comic-Con. With so many like-minded geeks in one place, there's bound to be a pun or two.


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