'The Tick' reaches 100: SPOON!
The Tick and Invincible team up in The Tick #100.
May 9th, 2012
10:26 AM ET

'The Tick' reaches 100: SPOON!

Hello again, fellow comic readers!

"The Tick" is a brilliant superhero parody first published by New England Comics in the 1980s, and is perhaps best known to most thanks to a well-remembered cartoon in the '90s and a short-lived live action show early last decade.

This week, this hilarious arachnid reaches a milestone with “Tick #100: The Tick meets Invincible!!” Longtime "Tick" writer Benito Cereno - who, since 2009 has been responsible for what I think are some of the best "Tick" stories thus far - teams up with Robert Kirkman's comic book hero, Invincible.

“Robert Kirkman gets a lot of love for the Walking Dead and it's all well deserved," said Daniel Dean of Titan Comic Books & Games in Smyrna, Georgia. "However, he first won my heart with 'Invincible."

Kirkman's "Invincible" embodies the surprising and simple concept of the world's greatest superhero's progeny coming into his own and quickly realizing how in over his head he really is, Dean said. "Nothing he took for granted is true and every choice is harder than he expected. Teenagers, right?” he said. FULL POST