'Avengers' vindicates geek community
Chris Hemsworth, left, stars as Thor and Chris Evans stars as Captain America in "The Avengers."
May 8th, 2012
07:00 PM ET

'Avengers' vindicates geek community

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So yeah, I loved “The Avengers.”

Let’s simmer on that word for a few: love. Love for a movie is a pretty significant emotion, and yet I stand by it. While not perfect (the gripes are ridiculously minor), the film was a pure joy. It delivered on the promise of a Marvel-ous adventure with Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and (finally) an awesome, Incredible Hulk.

But this isn’t a movie review.

Instead, it’s more of an “I told you so,” to Hollywood power brokers locked into the philosophy that audiences crave dark heroes and sober plot lines, and that the geeks who grew up loving the source material could not be trusted to make a blockbuster. FULL POST

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