The secret to superhero success: Nerdiness
Peter Parker, seen here on the cover of "Peter Parker #2" from Marvel, is a little bit nerd and a little bit superhero.
March 15th, 2012
10:39 AM ET

The secret to superhero success: Nerdiness

What if someone is not “normal?” There's a word for those who don't quite fit in with the in-crowd and whose esoteric interests have stirred an array of bewildered looks from those who simply don’t understand.

One might say "nerd." These days, some are daring to say "superhero."

Over the past decade, superheroes have sprung from the pages of comic books and into the world of television and film with an explosive, cultural KAPOW! But before the box office hits superheroes were the stuff of comic books, graphic novels and the nerds who loved them.

Nerds and superheroes are permanently woven together in the tapestry of comic book fandom. Superheroes resonate with fans because there is an element of nerd and outsider identity within their character structure. Clark Kent is an alien; Professor X is a mutant; Tony Stark, a singularly ingenious engineer - all unique, different, and set apart from any "normal" community.

“Many traits that people associate with those who fall outside the norm fall into this reject category, but us nerds embrace these characters not because it’s “geeky,” but because we understand the stories behind the characters and relate to them,” said animator Paul Chapman. “I mean, Peter Parker is a nerd who becomes a superhero… maybe we all just need to tap into our own powers.” FULL POST

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