The classy clockwork couture of steampunk
November 18th, 2011
09:04 AM ET

The classy clockwork couture of steampunk

When people see steampunks wearing one of Rex Norman’s sculpted top hat creations, complete with something that appears to be a coal-burning furnace inside, Norman likes to say that it makes “their face fall off” in utter bewilderment.

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Other designs, like hats and masks that look as though they’ve been welded out of cast iron, tend to have a similar effect. And when Norman isn’t pursuing another stupefying hat design, he modifies thrift clothing into steampunk elegance, in addition to selling coats, epaulets, custom spats and goggles.

By day, Norman is a freelance artist for magazines and newspapers, and he considers his custom steampunk creations to be a fruitful, fun hobby.

From his online store, Kostoom Arts, Norman receives requests for budget-friendly, clockwork “mods” to thrift store finds and custom-made, mind-boggling hats from all over the world. He is just one of many in the online universe, providing a unique service to the steampunk community that he loves.

As the ultimate marriage of historical aesthetics and creative eclecticism, steampunk inspires artists to bend the limits of their imagination in order to create wearable, functional art. FULL POST

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