That 'Empire Strikes Back' reveal still packs a punch
November 7th, 2011
01:27 PM ET

That 'Empire Strikes Back' reveal still packs a punch

It may be over 30 years since "The Empire Strikes Back" was originally released, but for first time viewers like Faris Jorel Akhtar (yes, his middle name is the same as Superman's father), it's still a big shocker to find out (Spoiler alert!) that Darth Vader is indeed Luke Skywalker's father.

Bash Akhtar of Waterlooville, England, decided to videotape his kids' reaction while he was watching the famous scene, and the reaction from Faris was priceless.


CNN Geek Out spoke to Akhtar about the video, which now has over 3 million page views:

CNN Geek Out: Which "Star Wars" movies had your son, Faris, seen prior to this?

Akhtar: He's seen "A New Hope" [originally called "Star Wars," of course] all the way through, but he's seen titbits of the others (mainly just the lightsaber fights!).

CNN Geek Out: What made you decide to tape his reaction?

Akhtar: I remember being blown away by the scene when I was a kid (and the rest of the cinema too) so I thought if might be cool to see if they reacted, too.

CNN Geek Out: Are you a big "Star Wars" fan yourself?

Akhtar: Huge! The kids do complain they are not allowed to play with my "collectibles."

CNN Geek Out: Is he a big fan now?

Akhtar: He's seen the original trilogy through now. He's a fan now and wants a real lightsaber. He even tried to "Jedi mind trick" his sister last week.

CNN Geek Out: Why do you think "Star Wars" has endured for generations?

Akhtar: They were simple stories but told with a rich and varied mythology – in essence modern fairy-tales, but with Wookiees, lightsabers, robots and spaceships. Good guys are good and the bad guys are very, very bad: who else would blow up a planet just because they have a Death Star laying about?

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  1. greg

    Priceless! George Lucas can't ask for more than that regarding the reaction of his audience.

    December 5, 2011 at 10:18 am |