Tim Gunn weighs in on 'Star Trek' fashion
October 28th, 2011
12:32 PM ET

Tim Gunn weighs in on 'Star Trek' fashion

iReporter Alan "Sizzler" Kistler, a comic book and "Doctor Who" historian, among other things, recently had the chance to sit down with "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn, to discuss one of the most interesting fashion phenomenons in science fiction history: "Star Trek."

Check out the iReport below for part one of their conversation, along with actress Jennifer Ewing:

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"Tim grew up reading some comics and watching quite a bit of sci-fi and adventure television," Kistler told CNN Geek Out.

"He fondly remembers the George Reeves 'Adventures of Superman' TV show, as well as watching the original 'Lost in Space' and 'Star Trek.' He's not an avid reader of today's comics, but he has a high respect for them and their artform and has befriended different comic book creators. He even wrote the introduction to the graphic novel 'Return of the Dapper Men,' published by Archaia."

Kistler said that he and Gunn have had a great time discussing nerd culture over the years, and learned a lot from each other.

"He is learning about the evolution of comics and how characters he knew as a boy are portrayed today," he said. "He's very much enjoyed my perspective on things and how I've been able to break down decades of comic book history into small, easy to understand tidbits."

As for what Kistler learned, he said, "I had an appreciation for design before, but Tim has honed that and has taught me to ask different (and better questions), which has improved my own methods of work and research. Tim told me how fashion always asks 'Who is this person?'" and 'Where are they going?' and I realized that I could easily translate that into comic book superheroes and villains by asking 'Who is this person?' and 'What kind of fight are they fighting?'

That is to say, Batman being a person who skulks around alleys, rooftops and mafia dens for the most part, and who is attempting to scare people with his presence, will dress and be judged differently than Wonder Woman who is superhuman, intends to announce her presence loudly when she's in a battle, regularly encounters Greek gods and creatures of myth, as well as making frequent trips into outer space or through time."

Check out part 2 of Kistler's conversation with Gunn:

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