Your guide to obscure Asian horror films: 'Cold Fish' and more
Only a mass-murdering aquarium store owner would be evil enough to make his employees dress this way.
October 28th, 2011
10:05 AM ET

Your guide to obscure Asian horror films: 'Cold Fish' and more

When the Japanese horror craze swept Japan and then subsequently leaked into the U.S. (resulting in a ton of less-than-stellar remakes of movies that were perfectly good in the first place) even people who weren't horror enthusiasts found themselves wrapped up in some spooky folk tale about a curse that you somehow get by sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

This movement was spearheaded by a film by Hideo Nakata called "Ringu," which told the tale of a cursed videotape which killed anyone who watched it a week later. The 2002 American remake, called "The Ring," enlightened people to the J-horror craze, which continued to snowball until it burned out due to oversaturation.

People have mixed feelings about Asian horror and suspense now, partially due to the quality of the remakes and the repetition of the themes. After all, how many times can you be scared by a girl whose face is obscured by long, inky hair? And yet, perhaps you may have enjoyed one or two of those original films and wondered if there were more like it out there that you might be missing because you didn't know where to look. FULL POST

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