Fandom week in review
October 7th, 2011
07:58 PM ET

Fandom week in review

Here's a look back at some of the stories that had superfans in the geek world buzzing this past week:

"Marvel's The Avengers" announced a "special event" at the upcoming New York Comic-Con. [Marvel]

A book by Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion's alter ego) topped the New York Times hardcover fiction best-seller list. Really! [Yfrog/@NathanFillion]

"Ren & Stimpy's" John Kricfalusi gave his take on "The Simpsons'" famed couch gag. [Fox/Hulu]

Following the success of "The Lion King," Disney announced that it would rerelease more of its classics in 3-D (sorry, no "Incredibles"). [Marquee Blog]

It appears we'll have to wait a bit longer to read "Harry Potter" e-books. [IFC]

On the other hand, tours of the "Harry Potter" set in London start in March. [WB]

If you're enjoying "Dexter" so far this season, savor every episode: Season 7 is far from certain. [Deadline]

That "Luke, I am your father" moment still works, 31 years later. [ Vulture]

"Crisis on Infinite Earths?" No longer canon, according to DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio's Facebook. [@CNNGeekOut]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Julia Roberts is the fairest one of all. [EW]

A little hope for sci-fi on Fox: "Terra Nova" had a pretty good second week in the ratings. [@Fox_Research]

And love it or hate it, "American Horror Story" scared up plenty of viewers. [L.A. Times]

Fantasy novel "The Magicians" may become a TV series. [Marquee Blog]

A first look at "Heroes" creator's new series, "Touch." [Fox]

New "TinTin" trailer! [MSN]

Someone made a Batman garter gun (yes, it also shoots garters). [eBay]

And finally, a Volkswagen covered in vintage comics (now for sale)! [CNN iReport]

Conventions this weekend:
Geek Girl Con (Seattle)
– Garden State Comic-Con (Cherry Hill, New Jersey)

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  1. KajinPL

    The screenshot sold me already. Can't wait for May 2012.

    October 8, 2011 at 12:01 pm |