Sound makers search for depth, texture
If your video game's sound doesn't add to the experience, why spend money on headphones and a wig?
September 3rd, 2011
08:21 AM ET

Sound makers search for depth, texture

When is the sound of a shotgun blast not just a shotgun blast? When it is paired with 14 other sounds, including a roaring lion and an object being sucked through a tube.

Sound and sound effects in video games are just as integral to the overall game experience as a good soundtrack is for a motion picture. And gamers are demanding more realism from their games and sound effects are crucial to the experience.

Whether it is a weapon blast, a fantasy creature screaming, or simple handslaps on a railing, the sound directors are searching for the right mix of sound to link gamers to the game. Simply recording a gun shot or a footstep won’t work for an effect that could be repeated dozens of times throughout a game. FULL POST

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