Movies that scare the people who scare us
"The Descent" (2005) follows a group of women on a caving expedition that (surprise!) goes horribly awry.
October 28th, 2011
10:21 AM ET

Movies that scare the people who scare us

A chill is in the air, dread spirits are walking the earth and, as Halloween approaches, everyone from the most diehard horror geek to the casual fright fan is filling their queue with horror films to celebrate the season.

To be sure, there are plenty of of options.

But while the masses may have flocked to see "Paranormal Activity 3" last weekend (its $54 million made it the strongest September/October film opening ever) genre fans were no doubt dwelling in the gooey viscera of more underground fare.

To help you out of a potential celluloid jam, we talked with some of our fan-culture favorites, asking them for their recommendations on potentially obscure (and sometimes absurd) horror flicks you should check out this Halloween. FULL POST

'Un-Deadliest Warrior?' Battle show pits zombies vs. vampires
The wits and powers of vampires are pitted against unrelenting, ravenous zombies on Wednesday's "Deadliest Warrior."
September 13th, 2011
02:33 PM ET

'Un-Deadliest Warrior?' Battle show pits zombies vs. vampires

In a nightmare throwdown between the fantasy world's two undead superstars,  Max Brooks knows how it would go down.

"For all of a vampire's physical characteristics, they’re still human beings psychologically," he said. "They still fear. They still doubt.  Zombies don't."

Steve Niles is sure, too.

"My call to arms was  'braaaaaaains' - that's one thing vampires have that zombies do not," he said.  "Vampires, unlike zombies, are very capable of coordinating and pulling off strategies."

Of course, they may both be a little biased. Brooks is the author of  "World War Z," the zombie apocalypse novel currently being made into a movie starring Brad Pitt. And Niles burst onto the horror scene with "30 Days of Night," graphic novels that put a band of unrelenting (and definitely non-sparkling) vampires in an Alaska town where night never seems to end.

Thanks to "Deadliest Warrior," Spike's combat simulation show, we'll find out who's right. FULL POST

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