Anna Torv's sneak peek at the end of 'Fringe'

"Fringe" has taken so many twists and turns over four years, it's anybody's guess how the series will end for good this season. One thing's for sure: we'll glimpse more of the future.

"Last season, we got a taste of what to expect," "Fringe" star Anna Torv told CNN Geek Out. "2036, here we come!"

We briefly met Peter and Olivia's grown-up child in 2036. What did Aussie Torv think of her TV daughter?

“She’s really sweet. And she’s Australian, so that totally works."

Of course, it's bittersweet when any show is coming to an end, and it becomes all the more real when there's a final San Diego Comic-Con panel to see it off. But Torv is looking on the bright side.

"We’re fortunate that we can end the show knowing that we’re ending the show," she said.

"Our writers are going to be able to do it justice, serving the viewers and serving us as well, because we’ve put a lot in. And we can make it count, knowing we can finish the game."

The show's enthusiastic fans have rallied to keep it going, and those fans – many wearing "Fringe" fedoras – filled the cavernous Hall H at Comic-Con.

“That’s been our core, our extraordinarily supportive fan base, from the start," said Torv.

The show has a lot of heart, dealing with the familial relationship between Walter and Peter Bishop, as well as the romance with Peter and Olivia Dunham (“It would be good if they ended up happily ever after, which they kind of did at the end of season four. But is that the end?"), but its science fiction roots can't be denied and that's a big source of its popularity.

"I feel really proud that we’ve tipped our hat to the genre, and we’ve done it right," Torv said. "But that’s not me, that’s the guys who write it."

Torv herself is not new to the world of science fiction and didn't rule out continuing to explore it, post-"Fringe."

“I’ve always loved sci-fi and I think when people think of sci-fi, they think just of ‘Star Trek.’ They probably really do love sci-fi, they don’t know that’s what they’re watching. One of my favorite books is ‘Neuromancer.’ I read that years ago. Lots of stuff is science fiction, it's not just people in suits."