Adam Savage goes 'incognito' on the Comic-Con floor

"Mythbuster" Adam Savage has a true appreciation for costuming.

"I have several different suits and pieces of armor," he said as he prepped his Comic-Con 2012 costume, "and I've never seen anything like this quality."

"You could go to battle in this," he said.

Every year, Savage combines his love of costuming and Comic-Con with a special opportunity for "Mythbusters" fans. He calls it #adamincognito. Fans follow his Twitter to get clues about his costume and once Savage hits the exhibition floor, they try to find him out in person.

This year's #adamincognito costume was a Ringwraith from "Lord of the Rings." The armor was hand-made by Scott Maple from Kropserkle in Canada.

Once decked out in full Nazgul regalia, Savage had to get all seven feet of his costume into the convention center from his room in the adjacent Marriott Marquis hotel. His assistant carried his Comic-Con badge so it wouldn't be obvious who was in the costume.

Savage was able to walk from the far end of the exhibit floor until, rather appropriately, the Weta Workshop and "Hobbit" booths before being found out. The winners of the challenge got passes to see the "Mythbusters" panel.