Happy birthday Mr. Ford, from Comic-Con

Happy birthday, Han Solo!

Harrison Ford turns 70 today, a fact being celebrated by San Diego Comic-Con attendees, both the fans and the famous.

“[His impact] is huge. He single-handedly brought back the fedora, the Stetson and the leather jacket, the whip. He brought back the adventure with Spielberg and Lucas, brought back adventure in all genres, sci-fi, fantasy and the rest," said Christopher Shaw, a cosplayer who was all gussied up as Indiana Jones in the convention hall.

“Happy birthday, Harrison! Keep the adventures coming. Hopefully there will be an ‘Indy 5’ coming soon, and if you retire before then, I’m your man,” Shaw said.

The septuagenarian’s influence on popular culture was apparent throughout the Comic-Con venue. Shaw is only one of many fans who chose to attend the convention dressed as one of Ford’s famous characters.

"I enjoy all of your movies, you're definitely my all-time favorite actor, and that's why I'm dressed like you today," said a fan who identified himself as Alex, from Long Beach, California. "I think he's one of the most fantastic action heroes of all time. I think he's been a role model to several young men who want to grow up to be Harrison Ford's characters."

Ford is a role model to many of the actors visiting Comic-Con, promoting their latest projects, as well.

"If he is seventy today, then I can still honestly say I want to be like him when I grow up. Happy birthday Harrison Ford!" said prolific monster actor, Doug Jones.

"He's a legend! I hold him in the highest regards. Happy birthday mate!," said actor John Noble, known to Comic-Con fans as Walter Bishop from the TV show "Fringe" as well as Denethor from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

But the example Ford set in 1977, as the character Han Solo in "Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope," that truly inspires Comic-Con fans.

"Keep being awesome. And shoot first!" Kristen Jones, from Fullerton, California said.

"Thank you for all you did for geek girls and geek guys," said Ashley Eckstein, actress from "Star Wars: Clone Wars." "Your performance of Han Solo inspired my performance as Ahsoka."

Holly Golightly, a comic book writer and artist, was married wearing a slave Leia costume in her "Star Wars"-themed wedding. Her message to Ford: "I wish him every happiness. I wish that he will stay Harrison Ford because he makes my life better because he's alive."