Fandom week in review

Here's a look back at some of the stories that had superfans in the geek world buzzing this week:

The most "Doctor Who" wedding ever? [Washington Post]

Benedict Cumberbatch has reportedly been cast as a villain in the next "Star Trek." Hitfix]

What a way to end 2011: Spider-Man rescued our own Anderson Cooper from the Green Goblin! [CNN]

Meanwhile, the Enterprise and "Transformers'" Bumblebee made appearances at the Tournament of Roses parade. [Hollywood Reporter]

Harrison Ford watches "Indiana Jones" for the first time (OK, not really). Harrison Ford plays "Uncharted" (really). We crack up hysterically. [UK Daily Mail]

Get creeped out by BBC America's trailer for "The Fades." [Hollywood Reporter]

Decision time looms for "Terra Nova." [Deadline]

A steampunk take on "Hansel & Gretel," coming soon to theaters. [EW]

An early look at Kevin Smith's "Comic Book Men," coming next month to AMC. []

An animated poster of "Community's" brilliant parody, "Inspector Spacetime." [Vulture]

"Battlestar"... "Portlandia?" []

Farewell, "Jaws" ride. [Orlando Sentinel]

Conventions this weekend:

MAGFest (National Harbor, Maryland)

MegaCon (Orlando, Florida)

Atlanta GameFest

Amazing Comic-Con (Mesa, Arizona)

Finally, via iReporter Jerry Gonzales, Gollum welcomes you to Weta Cave Shop! [CNN iReport]