'Star Wars' religion rises in Czech Republic

A “Star Wars” faith, Knights of the Jedi, seems to be gaining traction.

According to, the results of the Czech Republic's new census show that 15,070 citizens claim Knights of the Jedi as their religion.

Another 1.08 million people identified as Catholics on the survey, while 4.8 million respondents didn’t list a faith.

According to the Knights of the Jedi website, its adherents believe in the intangible energy made famous by the "Star Wars" films. The Force, they explain, is "an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together."

Additionally, the site points out that the idea behind The Force "is a concept that most religions of the world concur with. Some refer to it as their deity, some refer to it as a life force, but the one thing nearly all religions agree with is that there exists a single unifying force."

The Czech Republic isn’t the only country to boast followers of the “Star Wars” faith. According to Time, Great Britain and New Zealand also list the Jedi Church on formal surveys. Over 390,000 Britons said that they practiced the religion in 2001.