Jedi squirrels? Yes plz!

Really, after "Jedi Kittens," where do you go? Jedi Squirrels, of course!

There isn't really a lot to this concept. A man gave tiny lightsabers to the squirrels in his backyard, and voila! Viral video.

Over 200,000 views later, Bryan Harley (recently known for the sweded "Avengers" trailer) spoke to CNN Geek Out about his latest creation (which even got the attention of Lucasfilm):

CNN Geek Out: Obviously you've received a big response once again for this video.

Harley: Well, it turns out people enjoy watching animals with lightsabers, what can I say?

CNN Geek Out: What inspired it (besides "Star Wars" geekery of course)?

Harley: I have about a half-dozen California redwoods in my backyard and they're overpopulated with squirrels. One day I spotted a particular little fellow behaving rather strangely, erratically jumping through the air for seemingly no reason. I whipped out my video camera to record some of the action, but it wasn't until a week later that my younger brother gave me the idea to insert lightsabers.

CNN Geek Out: It does bring to mind one Jedi in particular...

Harley: If you've seen "Attack of the Clones," you've seen Yoda's particular style of swordplay. After making this video, all I can conclude is that perhaps some ILM animators found inspiration in Californian squirrels as well.