A live action 'Akira' is coming (but is it a good idea?)

Last week's news that the long-rumored live action "Akira" film adaptation was moving forward (possibly starring "Tron: Legacy's" Garrett Hedlund), hasn't exactly been welcomed by fans with open arms.

"I hope that a live action Akira will do for the manga and original anime what [the film adaptation of] 'Watchmen' did for the graphic novel," said "Akira" superfan Joe Peacock. "I hope that the interest in the new film and subsequent buzz will pique interests of casual fans, or hardcore comic fans who never delved into manga or anime, and get them buying the original material and studying it. 'Akira' is such a phenomenon on both the graphic novel and animation fronts - it's the single greatest animated feature film ever made."

Peacock said he thinks the movie is "likely to suck," but he hopes to be proven wrong.

Patrick Macias, editor-in-chief of Otaku USA magazine, is not any more optimistic.

"Like most fans, I think it’s a bad idea and I’m generally just very skeptical," he said. "Mainly because adapting anime and manga into Hollywood movies has yet to bring forth anything either very entertaining or profitable. The original AKIRA anime and manga are widely recognized as masterpieces in their respective genres, so why ruin a good thing?"

Macias describes what he's been hearing from fans as "overwhelmingly negative."

"They can’t stand it when a US distributor re-edits an anime or changes the dialogue for a manga translation, so this is something like that on a $90 million dollar scale."