Happy Hobbit Day!

Will you indulge old Gaffer’s Home Brew?

While it isn’t Bilbo’s 111th birthday, it is a special day for fans of Tolkien as Frodo and Bilbo are said to both have been born today, by Shire Reckoning of course.

Add to that the fact that "The Hobbit" was first published this week in 1937 and you’ve got the makings for a party of special magnificence! Tolkien fan groups have parties planned at which books are discussed and movies are watched. Cookies, honey cakes and even Lembas (Elven waybread) are among some of the Middle-earth themed snacks that can be found at these gatherings.

"Lord of the Rings" cosplayers and casual fans alike can indulge their “inner Hobbit” by going barefoot to celebrate.

“Hobbit Day” has been observed for over 30 years and with the films in production, the event will only surely grow as the upcoming "Hobbit" films near completion.

Do you have any plans to celebrate?