Geeks of Dragon*Con, share your stories!

Just in case you couldn't tell from all the other posts on this blog right now, Dragon*Con is happening in Atlanta, Georgia as we speak. It's a veritable bacchanalia of all things geek - a little bit like the Mos Eisley cantina scene, but with a much better-looking drinking scene. (Although you'll definitely be able to find cosplayers re-enacting it.) Since we know that more than a few of you will be in attendance, we'd love for you to share your Dragon*Con adventures with us!

Lucky us, CNN has just the place for that - iReport. For the uninitiated, iReport is where citizen-journalists can share pictures, videos and stories with the CNN audience. This includes all of you playing paparazzi on the streets of downtown Atlanta this weekend. So, if you're out and about and see a superfan in a killer costume, take a picture, a video, even get up close and personal for an interview. Or, if you're a proud geek who wants to represent your fandom, snap a picture of yourself and your group in-costume at the convention!

Share your photos and videos of the costumes, panels and parades. Tell us what you're interested in seeing, and what cool things you uncover. The deadline for this assignment is 8pm Sunday, September 4. The best submissions could be featured on and Geek Out!